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NIMAH cheese


"NIMAH cheese, delicious, soft, creamy cheese!"

You can taste it in all of our cheeses of young, mature and old. That has to do with the pasture milk; from cows that have run longer in the pasture, with grass that is different, with farmers, who are simply good farmers, cheesemakers who still really know their trade and off course halal rennet. We call it premium halal cheese and we want to convey to the market with our 
NIMAH cheese. 

Try it and you know it ! 

NIMAH cheese is a tasty and creamy cheese made from Campina milk. 100% natural, without added coloring and comply  with the most stringent halal standards. Campina milk is Dutch pasture milk coming from FrieslandCampina farms where the cows walk out from spring to autumn and at least 120 days for 6 hours per day. NIMAH cheese contains the nutrients such as calcium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B12. Nutrients that you need daily. NIMAH cheese is healthy on bread or in the kitchen.


Our assortment

We have cheeses of different ages 48+ as Young, Young Aged, Aged, Extra Matured and Old and Young Aged in 35+. The cheeses are available in the following packages:

  • Wheel 12 kg Piece
  • 500 grams
  • Prepackaged paste 200g
  • Horeca paste 400 grams and 350 grams 2x
  • Euro (hotel) block 15 kg
  • Cocktail cubes 250 grams
  • Grater blade / fries format bag 1 kg and 2 kg
  • Rasp 75 and 150 grams
  • Mozzarella 200 grams
  • Edam (Campina) Young red 1,9 kg

We also have vegetarian young Gouda 48+ cheese with microbial rennet in the following packages:

  • Prepackaged paste 200 gram
  • Horeca paste 2x 350 gram and 2x 400 gram
  • Euro(hotel)block 15 kg
  • Rasp/ Blade 200 gram (3% potato starch)
  • Rasp/ Blade 2kg and Rasp/ Blade Mix 2 kg (30% analog)

With this amount of choice there is something for everyone! NIMAH cheese, that's good cheese!


NIMAH® outlets

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The fabric of our NIMAH Halal cheese is Zijerveld in Bodegraven. Zijerveld produces exlusively NIMAH halal cheese. For the halal quality in guaranteeing the whole chain, from milk to packaging, by HFFIA used their control system for inspecting products and processes. The accreditation of the procedure description of Zijerveld guarantees that the whole process of our products (raw materials, cheese, packaging etc.) meets requirements specific halal. The hallmark of HFFIA, the structure and the requirements of accreditation are specified in the ISO international standards.