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NIMAH cheese

Our Gouda Premium and Standard quality cheeses are made from the high quality meadow milk and finest North Holland milk. The special taste is constituted by the pasture milk coming from the FrieslandCampina farms where the cows run in the Dutch grasslands at least 120 days per year, and 6 hour a day. Under the label of HAQIM and NIMAH Gouda quality cheeses are tied with halal rennet of a pure and according to Islamic rite (dhabiya) slaughtered calves. All of our products are certified by the Halal Feed and Food Inspection Authority (HFFIA) from The Hague, the Netherlands. Furthermore, we have Gouda Vegetarian cheese and Gouda cheese tied with microbial rennet.

NIMAH cheese, delicious, soft, creamy cheese. You can taste it in all of our cheeses; young, mature to old. The special taste has to do with the Campina meadow milk that comes from cows that have run longer in the meadow, with grass that is different, with farmers who are simply very good farmers, cheesemakers who still really know their trade and of course our special halal rennet.

Try it and you know it !


Our assortment

Our Gouda Premium and Standard quality cheeses are available in different 30+ and 48+ ages such as Young, Young Matured, Matured, Extra Matured and Old. All cheese are available in both prepacked slices, in blocks fresh from the knife, cocktail cubes and wheels. We also produce grated cheese in various variants, ideally suitable for garnishing of pastas, pizzas or salads. The delicious taste of the grated cheese is retained in the package. NIMAH Premium, Standard and Vegetarian quality cheeses are available in the following packages:

  • Wheels 12 kilo
  • Blocks 500 gram
  • Slices Pre-packed  in 160, 200, 300, 450 gram
  • Slices cumin Pre-packed 160, 300, 2 x 500 gram
  • Euro (hotel) block 15 kilo
  • Cocktail Cube 250 gram
  • Grated size bag 1 kilo and 2 kilo
  • Grated sachets 75 gram and tube 150 gram
  • Mozzarella 200 gram
  • Edam balls Young Red paraffin 950 gram, 1.9 kilo and 4.5 kilo
  • Edam / Gouda (LOAF) Young 4 x 3 kilo
  • Red Cheddar slices 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 gram and 1 kilo 


    This range of products has a choice for all!  NIMAH Cheese, Tasty Cheese


NIMAH / HAQIM outlets

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Our NIMAH Halal cheeses are exclusively produced in Bodegraven and Zaandam where they have more than a century of experience in the cheese industry. To guarantee halal quality throughout the entire chain, from milk to packaging, the Halal Feed and Food Inspection Authority (HFFIA) uses their control system for inspecting products and processes. The accreditation of the procedure description at the manufacturers guarantees that the whole process of our products (raw materials, cheese, packaging etc.) meets the specific halal requirements. The HFFIA quality mark, the structure and the requirements for accreditation are laid down in the international ISO standards.