Why is NIMAH cheese halal?

NIMAH cheese is halal because we use halal rennet coming from a pure, and according tot Islamic rite, (dhabiya) slaughtered calves.


Why does NIMAH cheese taste so creamy?

For our quality NIMAH Gouda cheeses we use Campina pasture milk. This ensures that our cheese has a creamy taste.


Where can I buy NIMAH cheese?

NIMAH cheese is available in a number of Jumbo supermarkets in The Netherlands.


What kinds of cheeses does NIMAH have?

NIMAH has 48+ cheese ages young, semi-mature, mature, extra mature and old. Furthermore NIMAH has 35+ cheese in the aged matured. All cheeses are available in different weights and types of packaging. Finally NIMAH has some special products in it's range, such  as NIMAH -cocktailcubes and NIMAH -mozzarella. Click here for the complete range.


I suffer from lactose intolerance. Can I eat NIMAH Cheese?

Generally people with lactose intolerance can eat cheese. Dutch cheese varieties (semi-hard and hard cheese) contains traces of lactose, but the amount is substantially not detectable. As longer the cheese ripens, the lactose content decreases. Mature cheese therefore contains less lactose than young cheese.


I'm allergic to gluten. Can I eat NIMAH cheese?

Yes, you can, because NIMAH cheese contains no gluten. Not even in the crust.


Which nutrients contain NIMAH cheese?

NIMAH cheese contains nutrients such as calcium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and vitamin B12. Nutrients you need daily. NIMAH cheese is also healty on your bread or in the kitchen. 


Is NIMAH cheese healty?

Cheese includes essential proteins and calcium: cheese is certainly healty. However, there are also saturated salts in cheese. Excess fat is less good for you. But you can eat cheese with a sufficiently varied diet.