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NIMAH, formerly HAQIM is the Trademark of NIMAH Food. We are the first company in the Netherlands who introduced Gouda cheese with halal rennet on the Dutch market. We are a socially responsible company founded in January 2016 and headquartered in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Under the label of NIMAH, Gouda quality cheese is tied with halal rennet of a pure and according to Islamic rite (dhabiya) slaughtered calves. We produce our NIMAH cheese in Bodegraven and Zaandam and is guaranteed by Royal FrieslandCampina. 


NIMAH Food focuses on the acquisition of new customers but also on building and strengthening our relationship with existing customers. A Personal approach is important to us as well as customer satisfaction and customer retention. By increasing the customer value we encourage repeat purchases and stimulate increase of sales volume.

We want to strengthen our NIMAH label by creating a brand awareness among a wide audience appeal, addressing consumers and obviously generate our revenue. Scoring and maintaining a good image is also part of our core objectives.